Would you like a signed & doodled book?


Here’s the link where you can get a signed, doodled comic book: https://goo.gl/WyQ3y7


New Socially Awkward Misfit comic book

I have been putting together a new comic book, this is a compilation of the last two years of Socially Awkward Misfit comics, plus a brand new exclusive story about Sam’s Positivity & Negativity, who manifest themselves as two different people.

It’s not printed yet, to do that I need to reach my goal amount on Kickstarter. Here is where you can order a copy, plus there’s lots of other extras!…


Click here: goo.gl/WyQ3y7 to see my Kickstarter page where you can order the book.

Support me on Patreon

This year I would like to do more SAM comics, and I also have plans for a new graphic novel story plus some animated cartoons. It can be difficult to find the time though, what with doing other freelance work for people. So, in order to help me devote more time to the comic, I have set up a Patreon.

On here, you can throw me as little as a $1 a month, in exchange for some rewards. If you would like to help, any amount, no matter how small is always welcome. Here’s my Patreon page: goo.gl/Uoj898